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December 14, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
    It was a cold, dark night in the heavily wooded state of Washington. The air was crisp after the freshly fallen rain, the air heavy and damp. Leaves crunched under my faded red Converse © sneakers. The way the wind blew made the tall trees sway in an almost uniform manner. They seemed to all sway to the same tune of the rustling leaves. Out in the distance I thought I could see the silhouette of a tall, deathly thin man. I thought I could see his piercing gaze, but that was impossible because his features were not prominent. It was so dark out that he appeared to not have any facial features at all. I shook off the sense that he was watching me, and turned my attention to the leaves beneath me, kicking them along my path. I looked up again, but the man appeared to have vanished. I made a left turn off the road, and into the forest. I didn't know what had come over me but I felt a strange need, nay, a yearning desire to stroll into the unlit woods. My senses seemed to fog up, and I no longer knew or had control of what I was doing, thinking, or where I was heading. It almost felt as if something or someone was driving me into those dark, frightening woods. It seemed to get darker with every turn I made, and there no longer seemed to be an escape.

    The only thing I could make out of the haze was the frequent appearance of the tall, deathly thin man again. It didn't feel like he was following me, but instead he seemed to be beckoning to me and drawing me nearer. Before I knew it I seemed to appear in front of an old abandoned house. There were no lights on, as it was boarded up from the inside almost like the inhabitants were trying to keep something out. Suddenly, I saw stars and everything went black.

    My eyes fluttered open, and all I could feel was the sharp pains coming from my wrists and ankles. I looked to see that I had been bound and gagged to an old, rickety bed. I seemed to be inside the old house I was pondering at just before I had blacked out. The room was not lit with the exception of one flickering candle. The room was chilly, and I then realized I was butt-naked. I turned to my right to see my tights and over-sized sweater lying on the ground in a messy pile. My shoes thrown on opposite sides of the room.

    I tried to work the gag out of my mouth and was successful. I spit the gag out onto the bed and let out a heart-wrenching cry, "some one help me!"

    "No one can hear you," said a deep rough voice, " your cries of anguish will not be heard by anyone," said a rather average looking man. His facial expressions appeared dead and lifeless. It was just then I realized it was not a face I was looking at, but a mask.

    Suddenly a tall, deathly thin, pale man sauntered into the room nearly hitting his head on the door frame. If he hadn't ducked he would have surely hit his featureless face. He had tentacle-like arms, and there appeared to be many. The longer he stood there, the taller he seemed to get- towering above me.

    His tentacles slithered up and down my naked body. Caressing and ultimately stimulating my already hard nipples. This stimulation cause my hard nipples to become painfully hard, almost to the point where I needed to let out a loud cry. Was this pleasure or was this pain, I didn't care- I liked it. This stimulation started to make me moist between my thighs. It was a feeling I had never felt before- it was foreign. His tentacles slithered up my thighs, and eagerly spread my legs open farther than they already were. I fought him at first, but once he had found my clitoris my legs sprang open joyously and welcomed his tentacles eagerly. He stroked my clitoris soft and slow at first, but the louder I moaned the faster he stroked.

    Between gasps my eyes fluttered open and shut,  when suddenly I saw a mouth rip open across his face. He had sharp, pointy teeth and a slithering snake-like tongue. His mouth oozed with gooey, stringy saliva. His head lowered between my thighs. Unsure of what to do, my legs tried to clamp shut, but his strong, thick tentacles were right there to force my legs open again. I felt his slithering tongue glide up and down the interior of my moist slit, searching for my stimulated clitoris. His tongue found it and stroked my clitoris in a similar manner to how his tentacles stroked me. Suddenly, one of his tentacles slithered up the bed and forced itself inside my hot, wet pussy. I let out a loud moan, and my eyes fluttered open and shut, my head tossing from side to side. My moan was so loud that it seemed to scare Masky, who was jerking off in the corner of the room. I paid no attention to him because this slender man's pussy eating skills were so intense. The tall man looked up, removed his tentacle from inside me and stood up.

Gasping for air I inquired, " W-w-what are you d-doing?"

Masky cried out from the corner, "O-o-o-oooooh!" as he ejaculated. Cum dripped down the wall he was facing. The tall man unzipped his pants and they fell at his ankles. It was so pale, and so long. His hard cock was throbbing and the veins pulsating.

I managed to shout out, "It's so...BIG!" How will that ever fit inside me I sat and pondered for a moment.

The tall man knelt down between my legs and spread my legs further apart to make way for his massive, throbbing cock. As he penetrated me with his massive member I let out a loud, shrill scream and nearly passed out. All I saw was stars floating around me. He thrusted deep inside me. He seemed to be pounding deeper and harder than he had when starting out. It felt like his cock had started swelling up inside me and finally he released his cum deep inside my painfully wet pussy.

    He eased back, stood up and collected his clothes. Masky had been half halfheartedly jerking off to this tall man's finale. The tall man sauntered out of the room and Masky followed yelling behind him, "You can leave now".

     Suddenly, I was no longer bound. I collected my clothing and searched the house for a bathroom. Upon arriving at the bathroom I crumpled to the floor and cried. How would I explain why I'm no longer a virgin to my boyfriend, how would I care for this strange man's baby, how would I explain to my parents...

My first fan-fic!
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VictoriaBloodLust Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
lol I really enjoyed this one, your a really good writer. Do more please! ^^
NationMcKinley Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a prologue and first 3 chapters up to a book I'm writing. I kind of stopped writing because it seems no one has any interest in a taboo novel about the torture of a little girl and her mother. So, writing hasn't been much of a priority lately. I guess if you don't write about slenderman tentacle fucking someone from a first person perspective, then no one cares. *shrugs* Oh well, but I guess I will eventually get my book done. :/ 
NepetaKarkatsBae Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  New member Professional Writer
O_O Yea... that will be a problem... *DING*!! i know how to explain this! "I was fucked by a Slenderman while a guy in a mask jerked off in a corner" If no one believes, KILL THEM X33 And raise the child well, unless you want it to grow up like the father, a person that abducts people, rapes them, and lets a stranger masturbate to it ...... YUCK
MyLastSerenity Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  New member Student Artist
*Processing.....* OHHH I GET IT NOW!!! So Slendy fucked me while Masky was jerking off because he couldn't fuck me. And then the ending I figured out I was preg with Slendys baby!! o-o
HetaliaLover10113 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  New member
I'm very disturbed and turned Masky was jerking off while Slendy was tryin' to fuck me?
NationMcKinley Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That would be correct. Glad you liked it!:)
HetaliaLover10113 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  New member
Well, that was definitely...creative to say at the least.
SMfanatic815 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  New member Student Writer
:nosebleed: Nosebleed The Monkey With the Nosebleed Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] Nosebleeds fondo blanco Nosebleed Plz 
NationMcKinley Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you liked it. I have a Jeff the Killer x Reader coming out soon. I feel like I've been saying that forever lol. It is finally almost done, but I just need to find the motivation to finish and edit it. :)
SMfanatic815 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  New member Student Writer
Well, Here's one motivation- from meh!
Im honestly obsessed with slendy...
And I can't wait to see it finished~
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